How To Make Beautiful Chocolate Cornucopia Centerpiece

by Chocolate Belles on October 22, 2010

Chocolate Cornucopia

Chocolate Cornucopia

If you are looking to create a beautiful centerpiece for your Thanksgiving table that requires little effort and time? You should consider making a chocolate cornucopia which you can fill with cookies or chocolates. Watch the video bellow to learn how.

To make chocolate cornucopia you will need:

If you already have the above listed supplies, watch the video bellow. If you wish you can follow along, otherwise bookmark this page for the future reference.

When making this cornucopia it is important to remember not to leave it in the freezer too long (2-3 minutes should be sufficient for each coating of chocolate). Otherwise your chocolate may crack. We hope you enjoyed the video! If you manage to impress your friends and family this Thanksgiving, please do not forget us and tell them where you learned to make your centerpiece.

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