How To Make Beautiful Chocolate Cornucopia Centerpiece

Chocolate Cornucopia

Chocolate Cornucopia

If you are looking to create a beautiful centerpiece for your Thanksgiving table that requires little effort and time? You should consider making a chocolate cornucopia which you can fill with cookies or chocolates. Watch the video bellow to learn how.

To make chocolate cornucopia you will need:

If you already have the above listed supplies, watch the video bellow. If you wish you can follow along, otherwise bookmark this page for the future reference.

When making this cornucopia it is important to remember not to leave it in the freezer too long (2-3 minutes should be sufficient for each coating of chocolate). Otherwise your chocolate may crack. We hope you enjoyed the video! If you manage to impress your friends and family this Thanksgiving, please do not forget us and tell them where you learned to make your centerpiece.

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  • Elizabeth Oct 25, 2010, 1:54 pm

    I am working on a cake with a cornucopia on top made of fondant with marzipan fruits and veggies coming out of the top. I am one of these people who learn from doing so I am totally ignorant on what to do. I was online trying to find how others made cornucopia baskets out of fondant and found this site. I really like the mold. Do you think that I could use fondant in your mold or should maybe use chocolate instead…I decided that it might be easier if I go with chocolate fondant the basket will look better and I can use the gold to give it the color I wanted. Thank you for your video. I am really excited about making my cake! BTW the cake will be a 2 layer tres leches cake with whipped cream icing. Do you think the chocolate would be better than the fondant?

    • Ann Oct 25, 2010, 2:29 pm

      Hi Elizabeth,
      If you want to place a cornucopia on top of your cake, I think chocolate is the way to go. It will be very natural looking if you use the aztec gold dust. Fill your basket with fondant or marzipan fruits and veggies. Your filled chocolate cornucopia will be a lovely embellishment to your cake.

      • Elizabeth Oct 25, 2010, 3:33 pm

        Thanks..and that was a quick response! I have melted chocolate in a dbl boiler, but it seems to have a tendency to harden quickly. How do you keep it warm for the time you need to coat the mold, cool and re-coat. Also is that milk chocolate? I like the dark, but the milk chocolate probably would give it that lighter brown I am looking for along with the Aztec gold dust. Are there like some directions that come with that will explain how to do the chocolate? When I get the cake done…Thanksgiving…I will send you a pic. Cross your fingers it looks as good as I envision it!

        • Ann Oct 26, 2010, 5:53 am

          Hi Elizabeth,
          I usually melt the chocolate in the microwave. It stays melted long enough for you to make the cornucopia. If it should need to be reheated you could always zap it for 30 seconds. Remember, it should never be hot to the touch. If you would like a lighter color, you could aways blend some white chocolate with your milk to get the desired color. I did use milk chocolate and I liked the color I received. You could experiment with colors. I always use Mercken’s to make my items. I can include melting instructions with any order. Just note that with your order.

  • Sandi Nov 19, 2011, 7:36 pm

    This looks wonderful. Where can I find the Marzipan fruits and vegetables? I need them by Tuesday evening because I want to make centerpieces for Thanksgiving and we are leaving for an out-of-state celebration Wednesday. Thank you. Happy Thanksgiving

    • Ann Nov 21, 2011, 6:35 am

      Most Italian bakeries carry Marzipan Fruits

      • Sandi Nov 21, 2011, 11:17 pm

        I didn’t realize this. Thank you. I have never tried marzipan before. You have been very helpful. I appreciate it. Have a Thanksgiving.